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Is Canada, The United States and Mexico secretly planning to unify?

Will there be one trans-national currency similar to the European Union?

Does unifying currency affect asset values and your purchasing power?

What effects will this create in regards to your rights as a citizen?

What does a shared, singular currency mean for each nation's sovereignty?

Are we headed for a new world order with a one world government?

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A trinational, Independent Task Force on the Future of North America has developed a roadmap to promote North American security and advance the well-being of citizens of all three countries.

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These and many other questions need to be answered and since the established mass-media chooses to ignore them, public forums such as this are encouraged for honest and open dialog between the citizens of each sovereign nation. Please help to educate our fellow citizens by contributing to this blog so hopefully and together, we may circumvent the possibility of losing our human rights and sovereignty as individual nations through the introduction of a common currency casually called, the Amero.


The new international monetary union, with the so-called Amero being proposed for the three North American Nations of Canada, The United States and Mexico, would be similar to the economic monetary union (Euro) system established for the European Union.


Suggested names of the new currency are known by the Amero, Una, Namu amongst others. Shown here, are various examples portraying what the new currency is suppose to look like. It appears the coins have scrapped the term "cents" and are instead, identified as ameros while the newly-styled banknotes shown retain the term dollar.


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by Frederick Mann
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The Wikipedia encyclopedia article shown at this link: North American Union has further details while the next article states how the formation of a North American Union has also been the subject of various interesting conspiracy theories.

My purpose in creating this blog is not and should not be considered endorsement of a North American Union nor should it be perceived to endorse a common currency but is intended to aid in educating and informing the public regarding the potential complications and ramifications of creating such.

I am a natural born citizen of the United States and wholeheartedly support our Constitution. I would never welcome by any means or in any form, a degeneration of its provisions or relinquishment of our sovereign rights. I am also a veteran and firmly believe in the oath I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same… no matter the cost.

In creating this site, I have performed various research to find what I hope others will consider newsworthy articles and images in hopes of providing information that is intended to enlighten and inform. My main goal is to help make more people aware of this issue and the potential ramifications that could result in implementation of a common currency leading to a North American Union or an even greater government order.

I leave it to you to decide if you are in favor of or against a North American Union. I hope what you find and read here inspires you to voice your approval or disapproval on this blog of any plans that you feel might impact you but mostly, I pray you get involved in influencing government decisions that lead to mutual sovereignty, peace, and prosperus liberty while maintaining our individual human and constitutional rights.

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The following is from the Council on the Americas Website:


U.S. Business and Hispanic Integration:
Expanding the Economic Contributions of Immigrants
July 23, 2008

Drawing from original research and site visits in Atlanta, GA, and New Orleans, LA, some of the main issues this white paper highlights is:
  • "Innovative efforts by business to smooth the integration of Hispanic communities"
  • "Integrating workers into the social and economic fabric of the United States."
"U.S. Business and Hispanic Integration: Expanding the Economic Contributions of Immigrants (PDF) demonstrates a collective commitment by private sector leaders to integrating immigrant communities and offers best practices for encouraging Hispanic workforce development and community integration. Funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, the AS/COA Hispanic Integration Initiative is engaging private-sector leaders in support of initiatives that promote Hispanic integration."
  • "A National Business Council (listed in the white paper)—companies at the forefront of integration efforts—anchors and provides guidance to the initiative."
  • "Findings document the many major U.S. corporations that already offer (or sponsor) programs that promote integration."

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